Brexit - Notice to the Membership

On a historic night, June 23rd 2016, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

This will open a phase of uncertainty and adjustments, as trans-Atlantic businesses may be concerned as to how the vote will impact their activities in the UK and the US. However the Prime Minister and the Governor of the Bank of England have today stated that, with the UK’s strong economy, 'there will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move, or the way our services can be sold'.

A full set of remarks issued today by Prime Minister David Cameron and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, have been sent on to us by the British Embassy in DC and are included below.

The strength of the UK-US economic relations over the long term and many aspects of the UK's attractiveness for foreign investors prove that the UK provides a business-friendly environment that strongly and successfully serves businesses, investors and people carrying out trans-Atlantic business.

During the coming period, BABA will keep you, our membership, informed of events. We will immediately be working on an appropriate program for the membership, which will consider, discuss and analyse what may come next with Brexit.

Best regards,

Eamonn Cooney