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Published on 24th March 2017

British-American Busines Association (BABA) and British-American Business Council (BABC) speak for over 2000 UK and US-based companies on both sides of the Atlantic. Our membership includes leading British and American companies, contributing significantly to jobs, growth and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic.

We are committed to helping UK and US Governments with our expertise and transatlantic presence in their efforts to open a new chapter in the UK-US economic relationship; a relationship that is so crucial for the prosperity of our economies, companies and citizens.

Below are 10 areas that we see as a starting point for collaboration, which can help leaders strengthen this special relationship and shape objectives for the future:

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Prime Minister's Speech to the Republican Party Conference

On January 26 Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the Republican Party Conference and spoke about the special relationship between the UK and the USA. Read More

Taxpayers Who Haven’t Reported Overseas Bank Accounts: It’s Time to Reconsider

President-elect Trump and his administration are taking office in a month and with every new presidential administration, there is always a degree of uncertainty related to upcoming changes to tax laws. And the amnesty programs offered to U.S. taxpayers with foreign bank accounts are no exception.

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Dentons' US Policy Scan 2017

The Dentons' US Policy Scan 2017 provides their annual analysis of the legislative and political landscape under a new Congress and, this year, a new Presidential Administration. In addition to taking a close look at the issues, questions and conflicts that will dominate the dialogue within and between the new White House and Capitol Hill, they also offer a review of legislative and policy developments in the statehouses across the US. To download click here.

The Compliance Horizon: A Report from Risk Advisory Group

What is on the compliance horizon for 2017?

BABA Member, The Risk Advisory Group surveyed over 150 compliance professionals to pinpoint the key issues facing the compliance industry in 2017.  In the Compliance Horizon report, The Risk Advisory Group examines how issues ranging from uncertainty surrounding geopolitical events to the need for increased efficiency are affecting today’s compliance teams.

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