In Memoriam:  Cathy Riley February 5, 1962 -February 7, 2024

Catherine Riley color photo

It is with much sadness that we inform you that Cathy Riley passed away on Wednesday, February 7th.  Over the past 35 years, Cathy served in a variety of leadership roles at the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA), including most recently as Senior Vice President. But more importantly, many of you knew Cathy in the many roles she had in the British-American Business Association. She worked diligently at every positon she undertook and served as Chair of Strategic Planning, Director, Vice President and President of the Association.   She will be remembered as a warm, kind, generous person and a staunch supporter of BABA.

She was a wonderful friend, colleague and mentor to many in BABA.

Visitation will be on Thursday, February 22, 2024, 6-8 p.m., at Arcola United Methodist Church, 24757 Arcola Mills Dr., Dulles, VA, 20166.

Memorial service will be on Friday, February 23, 2024, at 1 p.m., at Arcola United Methodist Church, 24757 Arcola Mills Dr., Dulles, VA, 20166.

“Big Help Out” British Embassy Staff Day of Volunteering

In tribute to His Majesty The King's lifetime of public service, the staff of the British Embassy Washington will engage in a “Big Help Out” on Monday, the 8th of May by volunteering in the DC community for local food banks and various environmental causes. 

Trade & Investment Guide to the UK for US Companies – Launched April 26, 2023

The Trade & Investment Guide is a crucial resource for US companies looking to explore the exciting opportunities the UK has to offer. It provides practical advice on all the issues that companies must consider when expanding, from logistics and legal services to finance and immigration.

It offers insights on the diverse nations and regions across the UK and outlines the unique sector-based opportunities in every corner of the country.

Finding Your Way provides essential information on the services that both the UK and US governments, as well as leading associations and networks offer to help US companies be successful. It also includes details and practical advice from leading private sector firms whose services can help companies with their expansion endeavors.

Click here to access the document published by BritishAmerican Business for distribution to the 22 chapters. BABA is proud to be a part of the largest transatlantic business network, including more than 2,000 member companies based in major cities throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Christopher Meyer photo

Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain’s Former Ambassador to the US, Died Suddenly on July 27

Sir Christopher Meyer, the colorful career diplomat had a massive stroke while relaxing with his wife, Catherine, in the French Alps.

A long career as a diplomat culminated when he was made Ambassador to the US in 1997, a post he held for six years. Previously he had been Ambassador to Germany and had postings to the former Soviet Union, Spain and the European Union.

Sir Christopher was a great supporter of BABA.  He served five years at the British Embassy, Washington, DC (1990-1995) as Minister-Commercial and Deputy Head of Mission. During this time he was on the BABA Board as an ex-officio Board Director.  He returned to Washington in 1997 as HM Ambassador to the United States and he and Baroness Catherine Meyer were the first guests of honor at the BABA inaugural Christmas luncheon.

He had a fondness for red socks and as a farewell from BABA, was given a plaque honoring him as the founder of the Royal Order of Red Socks. The plaque had a prominent position in the Embassy Residence until the Meyers left for London. Several BABA leaders were inducted into the Royal Order of the Red Socks in succeeding years. The Embassy Row reporter of the Washington Times commented on this, reporting that he was “recruiting [others] into this iconoclastic brotherhood of sartorial rebellion,” presenting them with a plaque and a pair of Red Socks, pronouncing “this is a moment of exquisite solemnity. I name you a member, commander, knight and serf of the Royal Order of Red Socks,” and revealing the secret of the order: “once you don the red socks, you must never take them off.”

Sir  Christopher’s affection for BABA was memorialized just this June when, with his usual flair and generosity of spirit, he recalled the early days of BABA: “What a pantheon of giants upon whose shoulders future generations will stand!”


Joint statement on UK-U.S. dialogue on future of Atlantic trade in Aberdeen

Statement follows UK International Trade Secretary's meeting with U.S. Trade Representative in Aberdeen, Scotland.

UK-US Joint Statement on steel and aluminium

Joint statement from the UK and US on steel and aluminium tariffs.